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Olympic decline

The 2020 in 2021 Olympics in Tokyo wrap up in a few days. The smallest TV audience in 33 years tuned in for the opening ceremony. That turned out to be a foreshadowing of things to come. The once, ever-popular, must-watch Olympic Games nose-dived in the TV ratings—down over 50% from 2016. I am one…

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I glanced out my front window, and my eyes flew to the flowerpot at the top of my front porch steps. There, among the hot pink geraniums, lay a squirrel stretched out on her back, eyes wide open. I blinked. I double blinked. But there she remained—the squirrel—prostrate and motionless in my flowerpot. I said…

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Swim lessons

Last week, I attended my first swim meet in a long while. I saw my grand niece and nephew compete for my children’s alma mater—the Bridgeport Wildcatters. Within minutes of my arrival, I saw life come full circle: former teammates of my children have become the parents of the newest generation of Wildcatters. As I…

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My America

It’s no secret that Independence Day is special to me. It’s one of the most important holidays Americans celebrate. Now, more than ever, citizens need to remind themselves of the reasons we have lived safe and free for 245 years. Over the past several months, our country has suffered divisions of gigantic proportions in the…

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Ben Gay

A few weeks ago, on championship Sunday of the PGA at Kiawah Island, a lone golfer started the day. According to the final schedule listed by ESPN, B. Gay teed off around 7:30 AM—paired with no one. I feel certain that few — if any—photographers, press, and fans showed up for Gay’s round. Wannamaker Trophy…

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Spring of opportunity

A young friend of mine took a new job in Florida. My son is changing careers and is starting a new position. My nephew has been promoted. And I may have mentioned that my daughter Jordan landed a new job. These are a few of many people in my life who are changing gears in…

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Disco Debbie

My friends told me about a tennis player named Debbie Disco. I did not believe them. “Debbie Disco plays for the league across town,” said one of my teammates. “I’m sure you’ve met her.” First: If I met a woman named Debbie Disco, I would not forget her. Second: I was raised by a practical…

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Administrators of Grace Church School (GCS) in NYC published a language guide for altering everyday words and terms. The school issued a 12-page memo to students and parents to “encourage” all to adopt speech that conforms to gender identity philosophy.  It actually suggests that students stop referring to their parents as “dad” and “mom.” I…

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Name fame

My neighborhood book club met last week to discuss Lady Clementine by Marie Benedict. Our host’s first question addressed Clementine’s parenting skills or lack thereof. That brief discussion threw us into a conversation about our own parenting. We asked ourselves: Do we play favorites (when it comes to our children)? Do we and/or our husbands favor girls…

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