Category: Throwback

The Color of Love

Gray is not my friend. I come home from the salon with a new head of color, and three days later those merciless grays start sneaking back. OK. Two to three weeks is a more honest estimate, but it feels like three days. Those pompous unwanted grey strands smile when they see me see them.…

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Disco Debbie

My friends told me about a tennis player named Debbie Disco. I did not believe them. “Debbie Disco plays for the league across town,” said one of my teammates. “I’m sure you’ve met her.” First: If I met a woman named Debbie Disco, I would not forget her. Second: I was raised by a practical…

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The Stuff that Makes us Whole

Funny how just a smell, taste, sight, sound, or a place can land us in the middle of a memory. The scent of homemade bread puts me back at the table in my grandmother’s kitchen. At the sight of a child clanging a triangle, I’m a second grader again in Miss Hatfield’s music class holding…

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