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While I waited to pay for gift bags at the dollar store, I overheard a conversation between the customer ahead of me and the cashier. Customer: “It’s going to be a cold, cold Light Up Night tonight.” Cashier: “I don’t mind. I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I love the way everyone comes out…

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Kid Sunday

One Sunday a month, I help out with toddlers in our church nursery. Volunteering in the nursery is an important task, but my responsibilities aren’t what you’d call taxing. As part of my duties, I read aloud an abbreviated Bible story. Then, I assist the kids with a craft. If we have any additional time,…

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Administrators of Grace Church School (GCS) in NYC published a language guide for altering everyday words and terms. The school issued a 12-page memo to students and parents to “encourage” all to adopt speech that conforms to gender identity philosophy.  It actually suggests that students stop referring to their parents as “dad” and “mom.” I…

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