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The day before the day before

Challenge for today: Sing, “It’s beginning to look like Christmas,” preferably aloud, but if you must, in your head works, too. Now, using the same tune, sing, “It’s the day before the day before Christmas.” Because that’s today. My mom believes the day before the day before Christmas is a holiday. Why else would she…

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The little things

November has wound its way to Thanksgiving. I find myself looking for the little things, the things I take for granted for which I seldom give thanks. What I’ve found is, well, a lot. Oxygen. Never do I consider that I will turn in for the night and wake without fresh air to breath. For…

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Think it through

Four of my family members recently dined at a restaurant chain in the Tri-County area. I attended a wedding and could not join them. The dinner turned out to be one I’m glad I missed—at least the start of it. A man with six sons—aged 8 and under—waited to be seated ahead of my family.…

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