My America

It’s no secret that Independence Day is special to me. It’s one of the most important holidays Americans celebrate. Now, more than ever, citizens need to remind themselves of the reasons we have lived safe and free for 245 years.

Over the past several months, our country has suffered divisions of gigantic proportions in the name of “equality.” Make no mistake, riots, censorship, medical misinformation, critical race theory, and blatant disrespect for our flag and national anthem undermine the foundation our forefathers built.

Society appears to forget that America was established by people who sought the freedom to be different—separate, but equal and unified under one flag. A friend of mine said, “We are definitely at a critical crossroad.” The time has come to embrace and protect the rights outlined in our constitution or say farewell to freedom as we have known it.

With that in mind, I asked friends, family members, and strangers to think about what they most value about our great country. No one hesitated in finishing the sentence, “My America is a place where….”

Here’s how Americans responded:

My America is a place where you can agree to disagree without judgment, hatred, or shaming.

My America is a place where citizens, hands pressed to their hearts, stand proud before the stars and stripes during the National Anthem.

My America is represented by Olympic athletes who proudly wear red, white, and blue and compete to bring honor to their country.

My America is where people come from all over the world who yearn to taste the freedoms we take for granted every day. It’s a place that welcomes those who wish to embrace the constitution and become American citizens.

My America turns away perpetrators who cross our borders to breed hate, bring violence, and destroy the democracy that makes our country great.

My America is a place where history is not rewritten or erased but taught so that our youth learn from past mistakes and understand the precious value of freedom.

My America honors those who fought and continue to fight to protect liberty.

My America is a country where citizens are free to worship, where church doors are never locked.

My America is a place that celebrates and encourages freedom of speech.

My America offers its citizens the unalienable rights—life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness—set forth by our founding fathers in the Declaration of Independence. It’s a place that strives for truth and equality for all citizens.

My America is a country that hears all sides of arguments, provides all scientific and medical findings to the public, and where the media reports facts without bias.

My America is a country where the word “censorship” is synonymous with “communism.”

My America is a place where all lives matter regardless of race, sex, age, or occupation. America, like all countries, is a place where both good and bad people represent every race, gender, age, and occupation.  In my America, we strive to teach our children to recognize the difference.

My America is a place where I live in freedom without fear of government rule.

My America is a place where anything is possible if we keep God as our foundation.

My America is a place where we are thankful for what we have.

My America means freedom and opportunity.

My America is a place where we follow the constitution—a place I was always proud to call home when I lived abroad.

My America is a place where everyone is free to achieve whatever they pursue. In my America, citizens enjoy reaching goals through determination and hard work.

My America is a country where one has the freedom to speak, worship, protect, and live without the government infringing on one’s rights.

My America? She is all of the above. Is America perfect? No, she is not. But her framework has been successful enough for the USA to be the envy and target of countries both large and small and a sanctuary for the oppressed.

Today—every day—celebrate this country that has given us all so, so much. May God bless and protect our America.


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