Simple, but complicated

A few years ago, I fell on a tennis court and cracked my skull—on top, just behind the crown. If you figure out how I managed to do that, let me know.

Anyway, I somehow wound up on my stomach, my head glued to the hard, blue surface. I thought, “If it could just be three days from now, it couldn’t possibly hurt like this.”

I heard one friend say, “I’m calling 911.” Another said, “I’m calling Gary (my husband).” The third friend said, “We need to get her to the hospital. Remember what happened to Liam Neeson’s wife.”

I remembered.

News of Natasha Richardson’s death in 2009 rattled me. I couldn’t understand how she could have died when she had been strong enough to walk back to her chalet after hitting her head in a ski accident.

Hearing Richardson’s name as M-80s exploded in my cranium—that’s when I thought that I may have reached the end of my road. When a person lives after she thinks she might die, she never forgets the thoughts that ran through her mind.

These were mine – in this order:

1)    Please God, don’t let me put Gary through any more suffering. (My mother-in-law’s funeral had been the day before.)

2)    Please God, don’t take me yet. Just let me live long enough to see Kristen’s wedding. (Our daughter was soon to be married.)

3)    I’m sorry, God. I’m not supposed to be telling You what to do. Take me if You need to.

Had I met God that day, I wonder if I would have asked Him any of the questions I often ponder. Questions only He can answer, like, “Why did you make opossums?”

Possums are scary ugly. When I see one on a moonless night, my stomach flips

I’ve wondered the same thing about bats, but I know why God made them. Bats eat irritating insects, and they pollinate fruits and flowers. Getting rid of bats would mean no more bananas and avocados, and I like bananas and avocados.

The real question is, “Why did You make bats so creepy-looking?” But God, I’m sure, sees everything as beautiful…in its own way. He’d tell me the problem is with me, and I can’t argue that point.

Which brings me to another question I’d like to pose: “Why did You make people?” From Adam and Eve to the Israelites to modern-day human beings, we the people are the most inconsistent and untrustworthy beings on Earth. We’re moody and selfish and stubborn.

We’ve given God nothing but trouble. Yet, He keeps offering us second chances. I don’t know why He made us, but I do know He’s the best possible role model when it comes to loving and forgiving.

Not that we pay attention. We can point to loads of examples of success in practicing love and forgiveness and still people continue to hurt people. Being kind to one another, not wanting what others have, would be too easy.

God probably views us as eternal teenagers. You know the kind. The parent tries to save them from pain by saying, “If Susie jumps off the Empire State Building, are you going to jump, too?” But the teenager would rather dive right off that roof than take sensible, sometimes life-saving, advice from the parent.

Adam and Eve did the same thing. God gave them the chance to live in perfect paradise. But noooo, they had to have the one thing He told them to leave alone.

Questions aside, God must have decided my head needed a little more work, so here I am. If I had met Him, I doubt I would have had asked anything. One answer should be obvious: Life is oh so simple until we make it complicated.

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