Finding your inner Muppet

A friend of mine sent an email my way. She asked me to take a quirky, clever 20-second quiz to reveal my Muppet personality.

“I’m Fozzie Bear,” she said.

After reading that, I came oh so close to skipping the quiz. Fozzie Bear is kind, brave, and stronger than he appears. He’s a good friend. He picks people up when they’re down. I could only hope to be Fozzie Bear.

My index finger hovered over the delete key, and then my mind chimed in.

I said to myself, “Self, it will take 20 seconds. Twenty seconds of quirky and clever sounds fun. We could all use a little fun.”

The Muppet quiz contained seven questions, each with six possible answer choices. I was asked to pick a pattern, choose a word that described my best quality, and select an additional adjective that revealed my biggest flaw.

Next, I picked a drink, a snack, and a TV show. I also answered one hypothetical question: “If you were a celebrity, what would you be famous for?”

I may have spent 40 seconds on the Muppet quiz, but only because I tend to overthink. It matters not that test-taking advisors preach: “When in doubt, go with your first instinct.” My first instinct is to reconsider.

Selecting a word to describe my biggest flaw was easy. Choosing my best quality and a pattern? Not so much.

It was fun in a quirky kind of way, which is why I shared it with family and friends. Most of them grooved on finding their inner Muppets.

My text threads lit up with messages like “I’m Gonzo” and “Miss Piggy here” and “I’m Kermit. He’s my favorite.”

The question of the day was, “Who is Janice?” One friend said, “I have never heard of or seen Janice. Is this quiz trying to say I’m a nobody or very forgettable?”

That would be a “no” to both questions. Janice is the free spirit, wise soul, and creative rock star Muppet. In other words, Janice is cool, which makes my friend cool – cool and happy.

Turns out there are several Janices and Rowlfs (the Muppet dog) in my family. And a few husbands and wives share the same Muppet results. My niece and her husband declared a “two-Janice” household. Meanwhile, my daughter and son-in-law said, “I’m Rowlf” one right after the other.

Is it healthy to be married to your Muppet twin? Does this mean that the Janices croon love songs to each other and the Rowlfs bark orders back and forth? Only time will tell, I suppose.

My husband is also Rowlf. Of course, he is. That a veterinarian embraces the Muppet dog’s personality makes sense. Rowlf is an easygoing, peaceful spirit who has no room for drama in his life. That’s true of Gary with one exception. He does have drama in his life – me.

As you may have guessed, Gary and I do not make up a “two Rowlf” household. My first test result said, “You got: Fozzie Bear.” I said “first” because I had to retest. I’m not a cute, cuddly, and warm teddy of a bear. I’d like to be, but I’m not.

Determined to unveil my true Muppet personality, I took the test three additional times. Each instance, my hand paused before I answered the final question as I prayed, “Please don’t let me be Oscar. Please don’t let me Oscar.”

After taking each of the three consecutive quizzes, the result said (drum roll): “You got: Kermit.” You read right. Kermit — all three times.

Part of Kermit’s description says he is “…a true leader and an unwavering loyal friend. Your friends and family know they can count on you….”

It doesn’t say that a fine line distinguishes a Kermit from an Oscar. Whew.


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  1. Love, love, LOVE this. (I have tried to respond by typing above “this line” but it doesn’t work.)

    One of my good friends Christopher Cerf, was involved in the early days of Sesame Street and was co-creator of many of SS’s songs, including Rubber Ducky. My very favorite muppet was Kermit. I still listen to “It’s Not Easy Being Green”and “Rainbow Connection.” I LOVE him!

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