Questions for God

“What do you think God thinks?” When I posed that question to my guy Gary, he raised his eyebrows and gave me his close-lipped, “What kind of question is that” smile.

It’s a fair question. I doubt it bothers God when my mind wonders about all sorts of things. After all, He gave me this brain. I imagine He expects me to use it—probably wishes I’d exercise it a great deal more.

I talk to God all the time. I do. When I’m driving alone, it is not unusual for me to jabber away.

Maybe I’m singing. Maybe I’m conversing with someone via bluetooth. Or, maybe, I’m chatting it up with God.

What do I think God thinks? I think, when scientists perfected wireless technology here on earth, God probably laughed and thought, “What took them so long?”

If I’m inconsistent in contacting God using His Internet, it’s on me. That’s when he says to Himself, “Self, the human race is too easily distracted.”

When God sees some of the choices we make, He thinks, “Israelites. They’re all Israelites.”

The dictionary defines Israelites as “a group considered by its members or by others as God’s chosen people.” It should read: “a mule-headed, self-absorbed group of people who possess short memories….”

Back in the Old Testament, God performed all kinds of miracles for those crazy Israelites, but, when the going was good, they put Him out of their minds.

The Israelites forgot about how God threw a bunch of plagues on Egypt and freed them from Pharaoh. When they were hungry, the manna God sent from heaven wasn’t good enough for them.

If the sea opened up—like it did for the Israelites—I would never forget sprinting across the ocean’s bottom. At least, that’s what I want to believe.

But, then, I remember how 9/11 brought our nation to its knees in prayer and how easily we forgot God when a semblance of safety was restored.

There are a lot of questions I’d like to ask when I get to hang out with Him someday. Many would cover what everyone wants to know:

  • Why do children get cancer?
  • Why do good people suffer and criminals get away with so much?
  • Why do idiot drivers—those who weave in and out of traffic at 90 mph—never get pulled over (at least not the ones I see)? 

Questions for God pop into my mind all the time:

  • How did You come up with the concept of flowers? (Great idea, by the way.)
  • Did You put people on other planets?
  • Of all the things You have created, what’s Your favorite?

As much as I’d like to pick God’s brain, thinking of a sit-down with Him scares me a little. For one, I’m afraid He’s going to show me how much time I wasted.

I can hear Him now: “Look at this (and that). Here are all the productive things you could have been doing.”

That’s what He’s probably thinking right now. Ugh.

For two, I’m not excited about seeing a replay of my poor decisions. I’m working on my shortcomings. But, Israelite that I am, I often find myself saying, “God forgive me” one day, and then I go right out and repeat the same mistake after a good night’s sleep.

Even if I don’t understand the whys, I know God does everything with purpose. I believe God listens to us. I believe He answers prayer.

One may think my current conversations with God are oneway, but they aren’t. He talks to me in the full moon’s rise, a child’s giggle, in an unexpected letter from a friend, and in the love all around me.

As for my questions, my guess is that God thinks I’m not quite ready to understand the answers.


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